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Not all sustainability
is the same

Relativity of sustainability

Sustainability is relative

Fossil-based product with a transport route within Europe vs. bio-based product from New Zealand
Fossil-based product that lasts 15 years vs. bio-based product that needs to be remanufactured every 3 years
Bio-based product for which forests have been cleared or food/feed land used Tank Plate Conflict, RSPO?
Bio-based or recycled product that requires a lot of energy to produce e.g. chemolysis, complex syntheses, melting down/purifying metals from waste etc.
Shifting social, environmental and/or economic aspects e.g. lithium production for e-mobility, energy from non-renewable sources, ``thermal recycling`` in unfiltered incinerators, improper recycling (e.g. burning e-waste in landfills in Ghana) etc.

Please note

It is important to report on all steps of the value chain!