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How we calculate our
life cycle assessment / LCA

Life Cycle Assessment - Greenhouse Gas Protocol as Standard

Lifecycle assessment (LCA) / complete life cycle assessment according to ISO 14040 / 14044

Refers to the entire environmental impact of a product, from development, manufacture and transport of raw materials or precursors, through production and distribution, to use, after-use and disposal.
There are different ways to determine the LCA
The most widespread is currently the Greenhouse Gas Protocol - GHG protocol.

The saving of CO2 eq. in g/kg is not very meaningful without knowing the actual product carbon footprint.

Example: a saving of 750 g CO2 per kg paint is a lot if 1 kg paint causes 1 kg CO2 (75%!). But it is very little if 1 kg of paint causes 75 kg of CO2 (1%!).