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As a former producer and wholesaler of furniture coatings and finishes for other wood products, PETER/LACKE has naturally had a strong affinity for bio-based raw materials, especially from by-products or waste products from other industries, e.g. recycled pigments, ever since the company was founded.

Having grown from a local operation with local customers who could be supplied with short transport distances, PETER/LACKE has always remained close to its customers over the past decades by establishing subsidiaries on almost every continent by now. The use of raw materials that are as regional as possible and the short distances to the customers reduce the high environmental impact of extensive logistics.

The equally high standard of occupational health and safety and quality in every subsidiary worldwide demonstrates the high degree of social responsibility that PETER/LACKE assumes for its employees.

In addition to the official requirements, PETER/LACKE has already been practicing voluntary supply chain care for several years by observing various templates, acts and ILO conventions.

Our compliance management, which combines quality, environmental protection, occupational health and safety, bundles the resources at PETER/LACKE to take economic, ecological and social responsibility into account.

With the appointment of a sustainability manager and an environmental manager, the core of a sustainability team has been formed to determine CO2 emissions according to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and to prepare a sustainability report according to the GRI standard.

Dr. Markus Wiesener

Manager Innovation & Sustainability

Our goal is to replace 30% of fossil resources with bio-based or renewable resources by 2030:

What does biobased mean? What does biodegradable mean?

Where do our sustainable raw materials come from?

Not all sustainability is the same

How we calculate our life cycle assessment or life cycle analysis

Our actions at PETER/LACKE

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